How it all started…

What started all this dating business was the fact that I came out of a four year relationship. A relationship that I never thought would come to an end. Obviously I was heartbroken. However, heartbreak soon turned around into something more positive as I started to realise that working on myself was a good thing to start doing. Having put this thought into my head, I decided the best thing was to go out with the girls and get completely wasted. 

Nothing beats a night out with the girls like an after party at a hot guys house, and of course that’s how the night unfolded. I walked into this house, sober as a neut, completely overlooked all the boys in true ‘fuck every boy’ spirit, and then slowly but surely I started to come down from my misguided high horse. And when I did, boy did I fall hard for the none other but the host of the after party- aiming high. 

A few cheeky cigs later, and I got chatting with this guy, and he cheesily asked me out on a date using the line ‘I never do this but…’ Obviously I agreed to the date and passed on the digits after he helped me climb onto the roof of his house. We sat watching the moon and stars for the next 10 minutes until we realised how gay we were being and rejoined the group.

Date no.1 was on the cards with an older, very handsome, muscular, funny guy who at this moment in time was exactly what I needed. 

Keep your eyes peeled for the date that opened the dating game. 


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