The very first date 

First dates are always a bit nerve wracking let’s be honest. But the first of the first dates literally made me feel physically sick to my stomach. Having not played this game for the past four years, it seemed like I’d forgotten what it had felt like to have such a whirlwind of emotions tumbling around in my body. 

I had three main questions running through my mind; what if he doesn’t like me? What if I don’t like him? What the f*ck do I wear to a first date? 

SIDE NOTE: I’m going to name to all of my dates. This date, he’s called Hercules (Herc for short obvs). Lol. The reason being is; he is actually pretty hench, he kinda fancies himself and he literally swept me off my feet without me even realising. Plus I fancy myself a bit of Meg too. 

So Herc’s on his way to pick me up and for the first time ever I’m actually ready and early. (Please note this is not good for the nervy stomach. Be late, always be late!!). Mums sitting next to me questioning everything “where are you going? Who is this boy? How do you know him? How old is he?” Like mum give me a chance to have the actual date please. 

He’s calling my phone meaning he’s outside, I grab my coat and bag and head out the door. A first greeting is always interesting, one kiss? Two kisses? No kisses? The answer is to just lead with two and hope they will follow. He’s looking beaut. Heart is pounding and away we go for a quick drink before heading out for dinner. (Please note this is very good for the nervy stomach).

He decides to surprise me with a meal at Gauchos. Beaut cocktails, nice meat (sorry veggies) and a very dark luxurious setting. Perfect. Conversation is flowing, lots of laughter and we seem to really click which is such a nice feeling. Like a true gent he pays for the entire meal and we move on to a little bar crawl. 

Now remember what I said two minutes ago about a drink being good for the nervy stomach. Yea, IGNORE! Abort mission, put down that 8th cocktail!! I honestly couldn’t tell you how much I drank but my goodness a little girl like me should not drink as much as I did. I shamefully admit that I was sick in the cab journey home, and I demanded the poor guy to carry me inside because I didn’t want to walk. He actually carried me! 

Of course date no.1 didn’t finish there but you’ll need to brace yourselves for the second half, trust me. 

However, to answer my three questions that many girls and guys will ask themselves before a first date, simply who cares. We’ve all got to be ourselves so do whatever the hell you want. 

Until next time. 


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