Hercules out for the count

So, after how unsecsessful I believed our first date to be, I wasn’t expecting to hear from my muscle man again. However, surprisingly, my intuition was wrong and somehow my little drunken mishap showed that I am “a girl that knows how to have fun”. Not really sure about this conclusion. Regardless, we arranged for another date, this time he offered to cook for me at his house. 

I guess quite naively my initial thought was “hmm this is good, it seems as though he’s making the effort”. Then my fairy head got screwed on a bit tighter and my after thought was more like “where is he expecting this to lead”. As a girl, it’s so difficult to understand the true intentions (que every mans defence argument) of what a guy wants from you. Is it sex, a relationship, a friendship? After being hooked on my new book – Why men marry bitches by Sherry Argov, it’s come to my attention that guys will literally say anything to get you in the sack. This has made me realise that actually I can’t be so naive to believe everything a man tells me. Nevertheless I decided to ignore my overthinking brain and just go along with it. I hold the power. I say no. 

Anyway, the date was all set up I was making my way over to his place after work so I was hopping into a cab. I get to his, get out the cab and try calling him, no answer. Knock on the door, no answer. So naturally I did what any normal person would do and I climbed into his back garden… Must. Find. Alternative. Route. 

I actually don’t know why I decided that trespassing into his f*cking back garden was a good idea but something came over me and I felt like a Lara Croft mixed with inspector bloody gadget. Long story short he’s out for the count on the sofa and literally won’t wake up at any sound I make. I’m full on banging on his window and not even a budge. 

I’m kinda thinking this may have been the first time I’ve been stood up. But I also kinda feel like I can bypass it as he didn’t stand me up on purpose, he just fell asleep. That’s normal right? 

As an alternative I called one of my girls friends to come and save me from this tragedy I had gotten myself into. In hindsight this was probably for the best before he woke up and saw some lunatic girl in his back garden. 

Moral of that story; give up when you get no answer. And whatever you do, do not, I repeat, do not climb fences. 


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