The Notherner

So, I don’t really know if anybody’s bothering reading my few posts but I feel obliged to apologise for my lack of them over the past few months. 

I’m going to jump a good few months forwards from Hercules. Reasons being; I’m currently sitting on a train to Leeds to meet another date that I just need to blog about. Also, Herc was boring and long gone now. A quick update: two weeks ago I hit Marbella and apart from encountering some terrifying moments, (those stories are yet to come) I had the best time of my life and met so many new people. Amongst these new people was a Northener, a fair bit older than myself, but he caught my interest none the less. 

So, second day into my holiday my girlfriends and I went to a ‘pool party’ In Puerto Banus. Obviously girls being girls we ended up in VIP which included two grands worth of alcohol, a bed and a hot tub- winning. Anyway, walking out of the pool party we bumped into some northern lads, not that I can particularly remember to be honest. So you could imagine my confusion when I was in the club later that evening to have three men shout after me as if they knew me. 

Long story short, started chatting to one of them outside. We’re getting on well, nothing cheeky. He gets up for the toilet and tells me to stay put till he comes back which is fair enough. Only, I didn’t stay put did I. And by the time he returns I’m in the middle of the dance floor kissing some guy on steroids. For F*cks Sake Me. I’ve pied this Northerner badly. 

At least I found some sense to give him my number because two days after I land back in London he’s texting me attempting to have a go. Northerners don’t give up apparently. A week later and I’m on my way to Leeds visiting him, which is not something I would usually do. However, I kinda owe this guy after kissing somebody else infront of him, plus I’m still quite intreagued with what he has to bring to the table. 

Not going to lie I’m kinda sh*tting myself because I’ve only met this guy whilst drunk. But here goes nothing… Also I bought the wrong train ticket so I’ve literally spent like £100 in train fairs for this journey, it better be worth it. •_• 

Will update you on my way home. Fingers crossed he doesn’t kill me in my sleep. 


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