The Dream Guy

It’s time to backtrack over the past couple of months that I have missed out on telling you. 

I don’t know what it is with me, must be because I’m a Londoner with a boring accent, but other accents really get me going lately. And this guy had one that swept me away. 

Labelling him the Dream Guy, (because he literally is my dream guy) this Scottish beauty came into view through none other than tinder. Yep you can all roll your eyes but what else is a girl to do?! I can confirm that my tinder is no longer in use, not by choice, it just decided to break down on me. Fortunately I managed to grab this guy on Instagram before hand so I still had a way in. 

Again, not really like me to go in and message a guy but I couldn’t help myself and it got to the point where I just thought f*ck it. So we started talking and I have to admit I didn’t really expect anything to come from it. However a week later he text me saying he was in London for the weekend and he wanted to take me for dinner. Um-ing and ah-ing about it I hesitantly went for it. Another f*ck it moment I think! Ha! 

He’d booked us a table for after my shift at work and I met him outside the restaurant in much anticipation. It’s always a risky one meeting somebody for the first time when you have no idea if they’re even a real person. However I have to admit that I had It lucky this time and he was exactly as pictured. We had a beautiful meal, some nice drinks and completely forgot about the rest of the world. So much so that I ended up missing the last trains home. Whoops

Now this is actually a problem. 1: because it takes an hour to get home from London. 2: there are no direct buses or anything back to mine. &3: a cab would cost around £80 alone for a journey home. So my only option that night was to stay in London with a beautiful Scottish boy in his 5* hotel. Right? Well that’s exactly what I did anyway. 

In hindsight this was a BAD move. But we don’t live in hindsight do we, we live in the moment. And in the moment was bloody amazing. It’s safe to say I was completely swept away by this boy and he had me hooked on every word that escaped his mouth. Every inch of skin that he touched I felt utterly his and this is the power that men can hold. 

All night I was pulled into a muscular chest and held so tightly by his bulging arms. He needed me as much as I wanted to be there. The morning came and he held my hand down to breakfast. Completely treating me like his girlfriend he was grabbing me food, drink, anything I’d ask for. He’d kiss me infront of people like he was proud I was on his arm and we’d tease eachother about our accents. 

I felt like I was in a proper dream land and I couldn’t understand how I’d managed to spend the evening with such an incredible guy. But then it all came to a quick end and before I knew it, he was hoping back on a plane to Scotland. “Behave rascal” were his departing words and to this day I still think about what he was actually asking of me. 

Is this going to be a whirlwind romance or a one stop dream?

Until next time xo


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