The Northerner continued…

Following my trip to Leeds, I can say that my £100 fee in train fairs was completely worth it. 

Unfortunately I have no juicy stories because it was just a genuine nice date. Nice guy, good chat, went to a beaut restaurant (which are a shortage in Leeds) and just chatted all night long. 

It’s always nice when you can just sit with somebody and talk for hours without any awkwardness. And considering I met this guy on a few drunken nights out on holiday, that was very much anticipated. 

An invitation to Leeds has been extended already. However I don’t play the game that way. If there’s a rule for any girl, don’t make yourself readily available. That is boring. And if there’s a rule for any guy, make yourself readily available and make the effort. It goes a long way. 

So I guess we will see with that one if he will make the time to come and see me again. If he doesn’t, well he won’t be getting me to travel again. 

Until next time xo 


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