Mr. Big Bucks

It’s been another few months now and dating isn’t slowing down any time soon. 

Whilst I enjoy going on dates all the time, I don’t enjoy the people walking in and out of my life. I find it terribly sad to have people come and go. Why is everybody so replaceable? 

Mr. Big Bucks was the result of another night out in Kensington. I’m calling him this without knowing what he actually earns but he seems to like the high life so I’m rolling with it for now. All it took was a killer red dress and all his clients were talking about me. We started talking and I was being a bit sassy refusing to kiss him infront of everyone but I think he kind of liked it. 

So of course he asked for my number. The sassyness continued and I refused and gave him my Instagram instead *covers eyes in embarrassment*. A week later and we’re on a date in a private memebers club that of course he’s a part of. 

He’s very gentlemanly so far but there’s two things that are bothering me… 1; I don’t actually know how old he is and I’m too afraid to ask. As a young woman, what really is a suitable age gap? 10 years too much? 2; all he talks about is sex. Every moment of the day. Sometimes you just want to be asked how your day is, you know? 

So anyway so far it’s going okay but typical me has got myself in a muddle choosing between two guys. (I’ll update you about Mr. Nice Guy in the next post)

It’s too early to choose what I want, is it acceptable to date more than one guy at a time? 

I feel like this post was mainly me asking loads of questions and not receiving any answers. But as I’m sat in a French pattissary down the road from Mr. Big Bucks I’ve just been reflecting on things quite a lot. 

I’ll let you know if i come to any conclusions. 

Until next time xo


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