The Breath of Fresh Air

Fast forwarding again to another new date-ee. He seemed like a breath of fresh air and something I was waiting for. 

First date down; a lovely dinner at a prestigious restaurant in Covent Garden, London. A few cocktails and a bottle of wine later and I was truly a bit more than merry. I had a great laugh and was very comfortable  with the company I was in. 

Second date down; time for an activity… bowling. He won, unsurprisingly but I was proud of a very close second with about 10 points in it. Okay I had the barriers up but we won’t take that into consideration. I was pleasantly surprised as I was dropped home to receive lots of chocolates and my favourite sweets as a little treat. This guy is doing well. 

Transitional period from second to third date; lots and lots of phone calls. I’m a girl that requires a lot of attention and this guy is giving it to me without me even asking. He calls me every night, sometimes even video calls, and we chat literally for hours. A weekend later I receive a beautiful bunch of flowers delivered to my door, red roses and lillies. He’s pulling out all the stops and I’m appreciating every moment of it. Could this be the guy that finally knows how to treat me right. 

Third date down; the home visit. I drive an hour to his place. I meet the mother and the dogs (this is moving quite quickly). We watch tv and have a lazy but very nice afternoon and then we head out to the local aquarium. It was a cute date followed by dinner and a movie in bed. But here’s where the funny business starts. And no I don’t mean actual funny business. In fact a little funny business would have been greatly received but there wasn’t even any kissing?! Forgive me if I’m wrong but a guy that has a girl in his bed that doesn’t try anything with her at all, not even kissing, that’s not normal is it?

So I left the next morning feeling very perplexed and honestly a bit frustrated. But it all boils down to this… Do we just live in a time where everybody is scared to commit in fear of something better coming along? Everything we see online portrays a better version of oneself and is that causing a problem in our society to leave us always unsatisfied? Perhaps the very fact that I’m feeling annoyed out of not being kissed is even a result of this in itself. 

Now, I’m lying in bed having a conversation with my ex over the phone, he asks me; “what do you want out of life?”  And the truth is, I don’t actually know. 

Are we supposed to know? 

Until next time xo 


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