The Silent Treatment


What is it about us that always goes for the person that treats us the worse? 

A) The excitement of the chase? 

B) The thrill of getting somebody to fall in love with you? 

C) The fact that we simply have such low confidence we don’t believe we deserve any better? 

Or D) all of the above? 
I read an article earlier today about women being called out as being too clingy when they are too open about their feelings. I am one to always monitor the way that I move around men. The way that I talk, the way I reply, how fast I reply, if I’m being too nice, too harsh, too flirty. It’s like everything we do, we play a game. Whether we admit it or not, we all play a game. 

“Oh not me, I hate game playing”. I hear you, I know. I tell you I thought I was like that too. But even holding back your true feelings is playing a game, and the reason we do that is because society tells us we’re too weak when we tell all our feelings. What’s wrong with telling somebody we love them when that’s the one thing we want to hear right back? 

So I’ve been dating this guy for the last four months, Mr. Big Bucks I shamefully first named him and then renamed him to Mr. O. I’ve had some trouble with this guy, apart from the fact that I have realised I have no trust in men, (for reasons and stories I will tell some other time) but I just barely hear from the guy. Have you ever dated somebody who was two different people over the phone as he/she was to your face. This is him all over. I’ll be lucky to get a reply on the phone, well, I’ll be lucky to get a text at all. But when we’re together I get all the “I like you’s” a girl could dream of. 

At least he sees me once a week right? 😬

I don’t know, I’m kind of getting the silent treatment this weekend and slightly sh*tting it that he’s gunna end things when he finally decides to come out of his monk silence pact. 🙏🏼 So I guess I’m just venting whilst distracting myself because to be completely honest, ignoring me makes me f’ing crayyyyy-z. 

We all know how to really grate on somebody’s last nerve, and that’s definitely by ignoring them. He has full power over me now because he fully well knows that when he finally texts me, I’ll be on my phone instantly. But then it makes me think, if a guy could do this to me, make me feel so low about myself, is it really worth it? 

So basically for all you game players, why not just throw in the towel, give up your secret, tell them how you feel. 

Till next time 



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